Wednesday, May 11, 2011


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Constitutional Carry Needs You!

Greetings in Freedom,
I apologize for this hastily drafted email, but its a very busy week.  Word out of Madison yesterday was that neither Fitzgerald brother (One is speaker of the house, one speaker of the assembly) was going to allow the constitutional carry legislation to a vote.
TODAY I've been told the Capitol is abuzz about constitutional carry as a result of calls and emails from gun-owning constituents who want constitutional carry to have a fair shot.
IF YOU ARE GOING TO MADISON TOMORROW, The Madison hearing is ONLY hearing the "shall-issue" permit bill.  WHEN YOU SIGN IN at the hearing you have to sign in "in favor" of the bill or "against".  Wisconsin Carry along with our friends over at the massive Wisconsin Tea Party Coalition are asking our members to all WRITE IN a 3rd option and sign in, "in support of CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY."
This way they cannot tabulate people attending for constitutional carry in support of "shall-issue" nor could they tabulate people attending for constitutional carry as against concealed carry.
Wisconsin Carry, in a joint effort with the United States Concealed Carry Association is also preparing a set of radio ads to pressure the Fitzgerald brothers into standing up for smaller government and lower taxes and allowing constitutional carry a fair debate/vote in their respective legislative bodies.  We have funds set aside to begin this radio ad campaign in Milwaukee.
If you have monies you would like to donate to run these ads statewide (Madison, Fox Valley, Lacrosse, Wausau) you may donate on our website homepage
It appears we REALLY need to put pressure on Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald to do the right thing and support the law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin who wish to carry concealed and not have to pay permit taxes, register with the government, nor take the government mandated training class.
We are asking you to make 4 PHONE CALLS today.  One to Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Speaker of the Senate, One to Jeff Fitzgerald, Speaker of the Assembly, and one each to your state senator and assembly person. If your assembly person HAS signed on as a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 93, thank them. if they have not, ask them TO sign on.
Constitutional Carry Senate Bill 93 viewable here:
You can read at the top of the bill which senators are co-introducing it and which representatives are co-sponsoring.

Scott Fitzgerald contact info:
Jeff Fitzgerald contact info:
Find YOUR legislators:
Carry On,
Nik ClarkChairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Search "Wisconsin Carry"


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