Sunday, January 24, 2016

Range 15 Behind the Scenes

I backed it, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

Of Horses and Tractors

Bit of a hiatus... as some of you people on the facebooks probably know, we moved most of my Mother-in-law's farm from the Middle-of-nowhere, WI, down to about 16 miles from our place.  It's sucked up quite a bit of time, but now I've got some land to play with and horses to baby.

Ms. Regal Satin (Satin), the herd boss, has more or less attached herself to me. She recognizes my truck, and guilts me whenever I leave.  Christmas Eve was spent like this for about 45 minutes-

Until my hands went numb.  Then I left the paddock and she gave a big sigh and slumped away like a sad puppy.  There's three more Appaloosas out there, although we're trying to find a new home for the mostly untrained stallion, which is turning out to be a lot more difficult than it was for the one mare we already sent off a month and a half ago.  All had been in less than stellar conditions and need a bit of rehab.

Yesterday was a fun day in the process.  Brought home a 1948 Farmall Cub and stuck it in the barn (anything bigger wouldn't fit.)

I did make a couple passes pushing snow with the blade for shits and giggles.  It's going to be fun to tinker with and clean up to drag to some local tractor shows.  In the meantime, I want to track down a sickle mower and will spend a lot of time this summer mowing weeds out of the hayfields and far pasture... it seems the prior owners stopped bothering with field maintenance when they decided to move.

The gentleman we bought the Cub off of spent a ton of time working on it, converted to 12v, replaced the head, and babied her pretty well.  He was sad to see it go, but the wife insisted on clearing out some space and paying off some other projects.  We'll keep in touch and let them know when we're hitting up the shows.