Thursday, December 2, 2010

I can stop whenever I want...

...I swear.  I just don't want to yet.

In the "so cute it followed me home" category is my newest acquisition.  An adorable 20 Gauge Remington 870 with the shorty youth stock and an 18" barrel.  It was just so darn cute tucked into the rack surrounded by all the big 10s and 12s.

I need to get some pictures of it with something for scale.  I didn't believe it was a legal length barrel until I got home and took a tape measure to it.

It's the Magnum version to, so it will accept 3" shells.  If I ever settle down with some cute little lady, I wouldn't feel too out-gunned with her backing me up with some Magnum Buckshot rounds, even in a 20ga.  In the mean time, I'm sure it will make a handy training tool, and should be all sorts of fun in general.