Monday, June 28, 2010


in case you were loosing sleep, I did get my wheel fixed with plenty of time to have it along this week.  Although once again I'm reminded of why I need to invest in a good full set of bike tools.  $15 to replace a $1 spoke, all because it was a drive-side rear one and I don't have the tools to pull a cassette.

Late to the party.

So I did hear about the decision just as it was released, but then I had to get in a Humvee, and they are lacking in that type of radio equipment, so everybody else has had a chance to look over things and muss and rejoice(?!) and cry into their ties.  Or if you're the VPC, just say the same stupid thing a little louder because if you say it enough, it will turn true, even if completely retarded.

Uncle does bring up a good question, "what now?"  I would love to see an attack at all the crappy NFA rules, but I'm sure that'll be a ways off, despite how awesome and right it would be.  General consensus over there is a run at the various gun registries, and that does make sense and flows and everything.  It looks like Mr. Gura already has started going after Cali, which is good.  Also registration fees (comment 15) seem like a good one.  I would still love to see a loosening (ok, erasure) of NFA restrictions in the near future... 11" suppressed AR sounds like a fun build...

Apparently the Brady Bunches Wikipedia entry had some brief hilarity.  Thankfully a screen capture has been preserved at Sharp as a Marble.  Praise his noodly appendages for keeping me from taking that sip of coffee before I embiggened.  (Also, as a cartographer, I will mention that the map on said Wiki page uses a color scheme that is the opposite of what I'd expect from their point.  You'd think they'd want the least restrictive states red...)

That's really all I've got for now, going to skim the actual decision when I'm bored and having trouble sleeping, and still need a bit of time for things to sink in and settle.