Saturday, August 22, 2020

Craft Holsters IWB

 One of the challenges of a new carry piece is playing the game of finding the right holster. Sadly my old go-to option is no longer in production, so when I switched to the P365xl, I had to start from scratch. Serendipitously, at this same time I was contacted by Craft Holsters with an offer to review a holster of my choosing*. So with nothing to lose, I opted for their lt.92 Open-Muzzle IWB offering in black, for my little Sig. Not long after sending of my info, I received a box from Slovakia containing the holster and a small break-in kit.

The holster was nicely finished, with even double-row stitching all around. The holster is finished off with a tension adjustment screw and branded pull-the-dot snaps. The leather is evenly dyed and formed well to the shape of the gun. My pistol actually fit nicely in the holster and did not require any real breaking in other than fine tuning the tension screw.

Ride height is exactly where it should be, and the holster keeps the pistol snug to the body and holds it securely. The holster rides very comfortably, exactly what I expect from leather. At the range the draw was smooth, and the mouth reinforcement worked as expected for reholstering. Concealablity is also  good with this style of holster and the small dimensions of the P365.

These photos here were taken after wearing the holster daily for over three months. While it was the milder part of the year, I work in a fairly physical job and I tend to sweat more than the average guy. This is one of the primary reasons I lean towards Kydex. That said, this holster is holding up fairly well considering how some leather items I've daily carried in the past have quickly broken down with similar use. I can't say how the holster would hold up to my sweat in humid late summer, but I never had any issues with the leather falling apart or encountered any rust forming on my gun.

I do have a couple gripes about the holster. Though I don't have a red dot mounted on this gun yet, that is something I plan on having sooner than later, and this holster is not compatible. The cut for the opening reinforcement also leaves the front loop a bit unsupported, and it is sometimes difficult to unsnap because of this. Typically this would just be an annoyance, but if you're the sort that likes to be able to remove the entire holster without removing the gun, this can get to be downright aggravating. 

Overall, I'm definitely pleased with this holster. Fit and finish are fantastic, hitting above what I would expect at the price point; and one of the negative points isn't really the fault of the holster's. It carries comfortably like leather should, and holds up well to daily use. If you're in the market for an affordable everyday leather holster, I'd certainly say it's worth considering.

*The holster reviewed here was provided by Craft Holsters to me for review at no cost