Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loooong weekend

Working overnights, lack of internet at home, and lots of other stuff going on have conspired in making me feel like I need to make excuses.

So the problem with not having internet at home isn't that it cuts down on my ability to write stuff to put up here. I'd honestly say that 90% of the content I post is writen and thrown up from my little netbook from the coffee house. The problem is that I'm so used to waking up and jumping on the blogoshpere and scoping things out right away and getting the creative ball rolling.

Did hit up the small local gun show today.  Did I say small? I mean tiny and very fudd-filled.  One big table full of vintage Marlins and a couple Winchesters though, and a rather overpriced Colt Anaconda that was pretty, but definitely used.  One small table with a couple Saiga rifles (no shotguns, I was curious what the prices on them would be) and a couple cans.  Tons of Nazi paraphernalia... couldn't even find any loopholes.  Overall a disappointment.

Noticed Instapundit mentioned the little Syma S107 came down a little in price.  I picked one up after Christmas for cheap and I have to agree that it's an absurd amount of fun for such a little thing.  I'd suggest getting a couple spare tail rotors though, it's a vulnerable little thing out there in the back.

Oh, and the Bialetti Moka Express is the coolest coffee related thing I've gotten in a long time.  I have a very rich and smooth Americano to get me kick started for my shift tonight.  It smells wonderful.