Monday, November 7, 2011

Business-Class Carbine

So when I was declaring the awesomeness of AIM Surplus the other day, I had good reason.  They recently had a deal going where you could get 5 free PMags with any complete Spike's Tactical upper assembly, and it ended a few days before my next paycheck, sucky, since I needed an upper along the lines of the 14.5" lightweight.

Bryan from AIM heard my laments on one of the major forums, and let me know that as long as it was in the next 10 days or so, they could hold my order and I wouldn't miss out on the mag deal.  Like I said, awesome.  So I ordered and let them know to hold it until last Thursday.

Tam on GI AR Mags

"Cheap, but probably avoid." Sounds about right.  Also, mags are expendable.  I generally spend a few bucks extra, get some PMags and call it good.  Plus they are good items to round out shipping on internet orders.