Friday, August 13, 2010

1911 - Phase One...

Initiate!  Wolf ext. power extractor spring and action spring showed up while I was working.  Noticeably snappier slide.  We'll see how the extractor spring goes next time I hit the range.

Cursed myself.

The scheduled 8 turned into 12.  Needless to say you're somewhat busier some days in this job than others...

Apparently it's an Important Issue

I mean it's only the Second Amendment... but the role reversal is making my head hurt a little.

I love my state...

Such interesting people.  Pretty expensive statement though.

Fitting really...

All sorts of dark, gloomy, rainy. Kinda right for Friday the 13th.

I just hope things stay quiet here at work, the less I have to get out of the car, the better.
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Somebody asked about some broken ones on ARFCOM, and one of Magpul's guys mentioned how many they actually get returned.
Broken PMAGs are actually extremely rare with a return rate of only 0.025% (2-3 per 10,000) on average. However, defective ones do pop up now and again (this has nothing to do with the Impact Covers).
That's pretty dang impressive really.  Oh, and they're replacing the broken ones.