Monday, December 6, 2010

I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I'd hog all the fun for myself.  I need to hit up bars more often durring blizzards.


From Nik Clark yesterday:

Greetings in Freedom. 
Constitutional Carry continues to pick up steam in Wisconsin.  There is senior leadership in both the Wisconsin Senate and Assembly who are advocating, and will be introducing legislation to repeal 941.23 and 167.31 (and clean up some of the other laws that infringe on the right to carry in Wisconsin) to bring true right to carry; "Constitutional Carry", to law-abiding citizens of Wisconsin.  No permit taxes, no government registration, no expensive government training mandates. 
Based on the information I have, I genuinely believe that "Constitutional Carry" has the inside track to pass in Wisconsin this spring. 
Its critical to get in contact with your legislators to ask them to support "Constitutional Carry".  We need as many legislators as possible to sign onto this legislation. 
This link will take you to a "Constitutional Carry Legislative Initiative Flyer"  It is 2 pages, but is intended to be printed on 1 page (front and back)
 I urge you to PRINT out this document and MAIL it to your State Senator and Assemblyperson. 
 Emails are quickly discarded, but mailing this document assures you that along with others who will mail this document, it WILL end up in your legislators office on a desk and it will be read.
 Call your legislators. Ask them what their position is on concealed carry.  DO NOT try to debate with them if they do not express support for Constitutional Carry.  They are politicians and its very unlikely you'll change their mind trying to debate them with one phone call.  Rather listen to their position, POLITELY share with them your views and ask that they would consider supporting it as well.  Then mail this document to them.
 Your phone call along with hundreds of others WILL have an effect on some legislators.
 Pass this document along to your friends and family who support the right to carry in Wisconsin.
 Lastly, if you haven't already, visit:  this site is a joint effort between Wisconsin Carry, Inc and the United States Concealed Carry Association.  The commercial on that page is currently running on the radio in the Milwaukee market.  We hope to draw enough funds to run that commercial across the state.
 That page has an online petition as well as an action plan to contact your legislators. (make sure to read the 3-step action plan on the lower left side of that web page.
 Carry On!
 Nik Clark
Chairman/President - Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

Pretty cool


Why digital is great

Aside from ease of processing, it's sooo much cheaper.  Plus card capacity is nice too, I usually run an 8GB card in my DSLR, and at highest resolution it will still hold 1000+ photos.  Beats the snot out of a little 36 exposure roll.

Surefire going for the hi-cap mag market

With quad-stack box-ness in 60 and 100 round flavors.

I will say the 100 rounder look absurd, but apparently their pushing more towards the 3-gun crowd rather than the new Marine LMG (I don't see that 100 rounder going prone anytime soon without it's on little trench...)  They're of metal construction, it'll be interesting to see how the inside is setup.  According to SSD they should be "officially" announced at SHOT, and available next March.

Quads are nothing new, as Tam reminds us, but it's still interesting to see something available.  No word on Magpul's quad though, should be interesting to see what the price comparison will be between molded polymer and welded aluminum though.

More- Gear Scout spoke with the guy's at Surefire, seems they're actually pushing them more towards your standard infantrymen, calling them "anti-ambush mags."  Check out their article for more info and some more pictures.