Tuesday, November 1, 2011

CCW Numbers Rolling In

As of about 4pm, the agency had issued about 120 licenses out of the roughly 150 applications received so far at the Department’s Capitol office. Of those applications received Monday, 90 licenses had already been printed and prepared for mailing.
Over 800,000 people viewed the application today.

Van Hollen says that his office will try to get them out as fast as they can, but they do have up to 45 days to process the initial flood of applications.  Mine went out today, so we'll see how long it actually takes...

I am a little irked that the boss-man (Van Hollen) made sure he was first in line to get his permit.

Wisconsin CCW Application

Is now available here.  Nice to see they maxed out the application fee there...

Wisconsin CCW!

Goes into effect today.  Brace yourself for the gunfights over parking spots and seas of blood to wash the streets.

Actually it really means the countdown begins to see how long it takes for the application to actually be posted and how long after that it takes to get processed and back to me.