Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A-Stan Coffee Reviews!

So when we moved into the TOC here, we inherited a Keurig coffee robot (I still refer to it as a robot... I don't trust the damn thing, and I'm positive they never programmed The Three Rules into it) and a giant pile of K-Cups.  So, I figure it'll make for a good start for more coffee content from another continent (heh.)

Today my partner in crime, er S2/S3, SSG "Moose," who's actually a fan of the Coffee Robot(tm) decided to bust into the Pumpkin Spice from Green Mountain Coffee.  This is a seasonal flavored coffee, and no doubt left over from last fall.  The... roaster... describes it as "A delicious coffee enhanced by the creamy pumpkin spice flavors of autumn." Supposedly it's a light roast, and of unknown origin.

The coffee is indeed light, to the point that you can almost see the bottom of the cup.  I described it as "incredibly weak, with a dis-congruent aroma-to-flavor ratio, smelling quite reminiscent of a rich Spiced Chai Latte, and with the taste of a wet dishrag used to clean out a pumpkin pie pan, with only a hint of coffee.  It's only saving grace is a clean finish with only a minimal chemical preservative taste."

SSG Moose described it as "hot wet garbage."

We'll give this one a rating of a single goat (out of a herd of 10 or so.)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Temptation Has Two Wheels

And it's name is apparently CrossRip Elite...

With the ol' Autobot gone and an F150 looming on the horizon, I find myself contemplating a "serious" commuter bike... with gears and mounts for racks and fenders.  Of course I'm a fat-tire rider at heart, so the disc brakes and hint of knobs on the tires also attract me quite a bit.

Having cross levers on the flats seems like a wonderful idea for a commuter as well, since I like to be up and scanning at intersections, and hovering over the brakes; something that plain doesn't work if you've only got levers on the drops like the Red Beast has.  That's one of the handful of complaints I have about that bike.

Oh well, plenty of time to think and see how the reviews turn out as this one has some time on the streets (and trails.)  It's probably a good thing I'm not too keen on the color, otherwise I'd be awful tempted to tell Manda to go down to the LBS and order me one...

Friday, October 12, 2012

MHI Kickstarter

I'ma be that guy and mention it again... only $8,000 or so to go until there's MHI dice involved, and I wants me some MHI D6 goodness.

Go. Contribute. Get cool stuff.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dirt Pusher's Journal: Ranger Coffee

Dirt Pusher's Journal: Ranger Coffee: Engineer Blend !  Will have to get some sent over when we hit country, it's only proper.

Two-wheeled Awesome

Rideable Penny Farthing replicas... want.

MHIEHBRPG Kickstarter is Live!

That's the Monster Hunter International Employee's Handbook and Roll Playing Game is live on Kickstarter.  Some of the mid-level packages are going fast!  I couldn't resist the patch, but really wish I could have shelled out the $500 for red-shirting.  Oh well, some day I'll achieve that.

Anyway, go support the Awesome!!