Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stay Classy Madison!

Well, the occupiers anyway...
A neighboring hotel’s staff alleged voiced concerns about having to recently escort hotel employees to and from bus stops late at night due to inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation, from street protesters.
Apparently that has prompted the city to not renew their permit... Knowing Madison politics, I almost find that surprising.

(h/t Boots & Sabers)

AIM Surplus

Just wanted to say that AIM Surplus is a fantastic company.  Quality products, great shipping, and superb customer service.  I've done business with them numerous times, from a little $5 part, to complete $500+ firearms, and have never been disappointed.  Once I received the wrong part, but I had the correct part in my hand in a couple days, and they even sent out a replacement part for one that was damaged in shipping (front sight got knocked off a Mosin Nagant in shipping, buggering up the dovetail in the process.  They sent me a replacement sight free of charge.)

Dear FTC or whoever, I'm not getting paid for this, and it is purely out of the good of my heart.  Because unlike you, I have one and I like to see companies that I like succeed in their business.  So you can suck it.