Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of Those Days...

When your SO catches you entirely off guard, and makes you all sorts of proud.

I worked overnight Thursday, and eventually stumbled out of bed and read a text from her "So I see Shelley says the M&P22 is good to go, so I think it might be a really good gun for me to get for my first one... it really makes sense being able to go from that to a bigger caliber one."

Awesome.  Plus, it's a gun I've been wanting to get my hands on for a while as well.

Later I got an email letting me know Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is getting their first round of Free Training Courses for WI CCL underway, and there's one nearby next weekend.  The day's wide open for her, so she jumped on that fast.  I'll be going along with (she'll be more comfortable with me being there, and even though I've got my permit, training is training.)  In her own words, "I doubt I will ever carry, whether is it open or concealed, but I will go through a course and get my license. I want to learn the right way stay safe, just in case."

Later on in the evening she was talking about being at a liquor store a few weeks back, and a shady individual walked in.  Apparently I'm rubbing off on her, as she noted him right away, and cautiously put herself in a position for a quick egress in case things went ploin-shaped, while taking a good mental picture of the guy.  Thankfully for all involved, the guy just turned out to be your typical asocial drunk that looks like he's about to hold up the joint no matter where he is.  He got his stuff and left without issue.  She said that the best part of it was that she never was scared, just aware (she even used the phrase "situational awareness!")

It's just amazing to watch what was once a shy and timid girl bloom into a self-reliant and empowered woman in the year or so that I've known her.  I think she's definitely worth hanging on to.