Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Just pulled the metaphorical trigger on the Small Spring Base and Small Practical Plinger from Salute Products Inc.

The range I tend to frequent is generally in rough shape, being free and open to the public with no supervision (yeah, some scary moments over the years, but it beats the snot out of the county run alternative with downright retarded arbitrary rules...) The target stands generally don't make it more than a month on the shorter ranges, and even when they're still there, paper just gets boring after a while.

I like the easily replaceable target face, and from what I can find on the ol' interwebs, if you only use one spring they should respond to .22lr, which should make it more than fantastic for getting new shooters hooked.  The audible and visual indication of a hit always makes it more pleasurable.  (Paper still has it's place for training and technique evaluation though.)

I'm pretty excited though, hopefully it's just the thing to kick my butt back into getting to the range regularly.

June 5th Non-Event

Breda and a few others are planning an OC non-event for Sunday, June 5th.  The idea is to do what some of us do everyday, and that is to go about doing your daily business with an openly carried firearm (local laws apply.)