Monday, October 25, 2010

Gun Control for the...


'Nother 300BLK Video

Still looks like fun.

Speaking of Coffee

Last weekend a couple friends and I ran over to Appleton (WI) to hit up a costume shop and to generally break up the monotony of life overall (little day trips are good for that.)  After lunch at a fantastic little Italian Restaurant I forget the name of, I ducked into the little coffee house across the street to get a cup.

I then learned, much to my pleasant surprise, not only does Acoca Coffee have incredibly comfortable couches (as seen here), but they also have absolutely delicious daily roasted coffee brewed by the cup.  I had a large Sumatra (organic and fair trade certified, a good hippie approved coffee.)  I have yet to meat a Sumatran bean I didn't like, and find it a good meter for unfamiliar coffee brands.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

If you find yourself in Appleton and in need of some fresh coffee and don't mind the mild hippie vibe that always comes with a coffee house in a college town, it's well worth stopping in.

Some people...

Mild coffee shop rant... (aimed at another customer though)

So if you're too busy talking on your cell phone to correct the poor girl making your drink to the fact that you wanted a small triple mocha soy latte and not the large one she charged you for and made you, why did you bother to hang around taking up counter space while I wanted to order a simple cup of black coffee until you were done with your phone call just so you could complain?