Friday, November 26, 2010

Confidence Inspiring

FedEx looses radioactive package.

Black Friday

A friend sent me a text at oh-dark-thirty rejoicing in the fact that they were actually in line for the checkout already at Best Buy, and glad to simply be inside (wind-chill is currently sub-zero.)

Thankfully I still had an hour and a half of my shift left, so it didn't wake me up or anything.  Now I'm sitting in my usual caffeine dispensary sipping a nice warm cup and waiting for some fresh cooked, locally produced eggs and getting some much needed words put up around here.  I may poke around the interwebs over the weekend and see what other bike parts I can find for a project I have in mind (already got a set of wheels for $70!)

I'm fairly certain the only retail place other than the coffee house I'll be visiting today will be the comic shop since I was busy playing Army all Wednesday and missed the new books for the week and for some reason he was closed yesterday.


Combine a decent amount of sloppy snow and freezing rain with my little car's lack of anti-lock brakes along with the city's budget saving decision to avoid spreading salt at intersections that the streets manager can't see from his office window, and you get me simply going around the block on the way home rather than making that last turn onto my home street after work.  Not for a lack of trying mind you, but physics will be physics.