Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Got My Permission Slip!!

Long time coming to this state.

Conveniently, UPS dropped of a box with a Desantis Nemasis holster as I was snapping this very photo.

Unfortunately, I haven't shot the little J Frame, so I'm not carrying it yet.  I can, however, get started on that review of a custom leather IWB holster I've had around for a couple months now.

Still no sign of Dad's, despite being sent from the same post office on the same day.

Still, I'm like a freakin' kid at Christmas.

Use a Holster!

Not only will it save your neck, it's also what separates us responsible gun owners from the common hood rat that simply shove their Gat down the front of their pants and blast their junk off.
(Also, thanks to blogger for canning all my post's content when I try to edit a typo.)

No Argument Here

Ryan Braun 2011 National League MVP.
(Fielder came in third as well.)

photo from MandaFern's desk

Remote Sensing Conundrum

Courtesy of China. Those of you who've been reading long enough know I'm slowly nibbling away at a degree in Geography with a heavy emphasis on Cartography and GIS, a large part of which is Remote Sensing, so I can't help but be intrigued by these things.

Is the Future of Cars Diesel and AWD?

Instapundit wonders, and I wouldn't be at all apposed to that.  MandaFern's Subaru is a treat to drive in just about any condition, and last weekend tooling down the interstate at 70 in the rain/sleet/snow mix wasn't any worse than driving my little Chevy in nice weather.  As long as they can manage to make the diesel run alright at sub-zero temps I wouldn't mind that either.