Friday, May 7, 2010


This is my car, 10 minutes ago.

Yes.  That is about 2 inches of fresh, white, heavy global warming all over my car, and everything else, in May.

My state is broken.

.22lr Sterling

F.LLI Pietta Mk85 (care of The Firearm Blog) is a slightly scaled down .22lr Sterling clone.  Apparently it was at SHOT, but they held back the release till next year due to all the other "black" .22lr's that came out this year.  I may have to pick one up when they come out, it's so cute one would follow me home eventually anyway.

NSTT & Getting Shot At

So Indigen Armor released some video of their new truck looking armored truck, the Non-Standard Tactical Truck, and it's pretty cool, in my opinion.  It looks more like a light pick-up than anything armored, so it'll blend well when you want to keep a low profile, yet is proof against at least small arms.

Here be the vid:

So around the 1:09 mark, there's a couple guys inside and they're shooting it with an AK of some sort.  A few people around the interwebs think that's a stupid idea, and yeah, if you decide to test it that way, then it is.  But I doubt that's the first time they ever shot at it.  It's a pretty dang effective marketing tool, just ask the people over at Second Chance.  But if it's been tested, and proofed positive against that particular threat, then there should be damn near zero chance of injury to the vehicle's occupants.  That's the whole point of the thing.

Back to the truck, it's small enough that you can internally load it in a Pavehook, looks to be pretty mobile, and as stated, is low-profile in appearance.  Having rolled through downtown Kabul in one of these, I can guess how welcome something with armor could be in a similar situation.  I doubt it's too great against a large IED, but in theory you would avoid most of them by simply not looking like a target.  It probably wouldn't be all that bad against indirect fire such as mortars and rockets either, so it would make for a pretty decent truck for tooling around inside the wire in a combat zone.

Wonder how much they go for.....


XM-25 to be deployed.

Albeit in limited numbers at the moment.  Looks like SF teams will get them for evaluation purposes.
I wonder how long till I get to play with one? Hehe.

(H/T SayUncle)

I guess there's still some good in the system.

Third SEAL found not guilty.