Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Gunnar turned out to be more puppy than they thought, so he's been sucking up lots of time... not in a bad way, just a tiring way.  I also had 6 straight days of Guard stuff, most of which was in the field at McCoy, so limited comms, etc (although I did push a lot of dirt, both with bulldozers and explosives.)  AT starts in about a week and a half too, so more down time from here. Apologies and all that (but hopefully entertaining pictures maybe.)

In positive news, if you're at the newsstand, you should check out Combat Handguns, and look for a familiar name popping up in regards to a photo in a product highlight.  Pretty cool that I can claim being a "published photographer" or something like that!

Speaking of photos, I need to get back on that horse; and speaking of photos and horses, that should be my next photo project.

It's a pony, and it spins!

The new bay window should be a good place to get plenty of light in a pretty controlled environment.