Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miller Gave Me Beer!

After seeing Windell Middlebrooks stealing beer from pretentious drinkers and giving said beer to Vets for years and wondering where mine was, last night it finally happened.

IAVA and Miller gave a dozen or so Vets tickets for a fully catered suite at Miller Park for the series opener against the Rockies.  Private balcony, food, beer, great view, and a game that stretched 11 innings finally ending with Braun smashing one out for a game winning homer.

These were the second set of tickets from IAVA I've gotten for the Brewers, last time being 5th row right next to the Crew's dugout on July 4th, but there wasn't any beer included that time.

If you're a Veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan, and not signed up with IAVA, you're missing out.  Jump on that stuff, like one of the other vets said last night, "it's nice to finally get something back."