Monday, January 9, 2012

An Open Letter to The Anti-Gun Folks

From A Girl and Her Gun.  Go read and be proud to know awesome people like this.

M&P9... They Work

Tam and Uncle both mentioned it the last couple days, 2,000 rounds with minimal cleaning and maintenance, and they keep chugging away.  Mine has similar numbers and exactly 2 stove-pipe malfunctions with TulAmmo steel cased stuff (both rounds from same batch.)

Magpul Sneak-Peak

A few pages of the 2012 Magpul Catalog have shown up over at Gear Scout...

I'm hoping the new mags and floorplates will be out in time for my upcoming deployment.

Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier

Looks pretty cool, more at SSD, including a video.

Basic idea is a strap system for hands-free casualty evac.