Sunday, June 20, 2010

Top Shot episode 3

Lets take the young'n and drum up some drama!  I think there was a lot more "drama" in this episode than the first two.  Can we just get to the shooting?  Had to get that out of the system.

Looks like Blue team learned to keep their mouths shut about how practice went, that's good.  Caleb stepping up and taking charge was pretty cool too.  And seeing Blue dominate once again.  Did any of the producers work on Star Trek?  I can see how it's hurting Red team's dynamics though.  Things do start to go southward when you're dealing with that sort of attrition.

As for the competition, I kinda feel for most of the guys.  I can't shoot a bow worth crap without sights and a trigger release, and due to a bad wrist, I can't shoot a re-curve or longbow for more than a handful of targets.  I can shoot a compound for quite a bit longer though, and with sights and a release I'm pretty good.

The elimination challenge: good to see a good history aspect of the thing.  Hopefully that continues.