Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tube at the Front!

Not too long ago, Multitasker tools was kind enough to send out a sample Tube and expansion kit to G&C friend and contributor Cro, who is currently kicking ass and hunting IEDs in A-Stan.  Word is the tool was a fantastic item to have out on a recent range exercise for his platoon.
"I have been showing them to guys around here, and as soon as I show it to them they jump on brownelles and buy one"
Cro recently got a surefire helmet light, and when he went to set it up on his ACH, he found the screw driver on his issue Gerber multi-tool (a fine tool and one of my favorites) was too large for the attachment screws.

The Tube came to the rescue, and one of the driver tips in the expansion kit was the perfect size for the mission.

You don't find much better praise for a tool than that of front line soldiers who are tough on their gear.