Friday, July 1, 2011

Range Time

The 10/22 has apparently been claimed...

Although she could use a stock with a slightly higher comb than the factory one (any suggestions would be appreciated.  Also a sling-ready one would be nice.)  Fern has a small face and the TechSights are a little tall for her.

On the upside, she says she likes the iron sights better than the red-dot for general plinking.  I like the red-dot for first time shooters, as it's simple, but if they show more interest, then I'd rather they master irons before getting much into optics.  This'll work great with Fern, her archery background has her more interested in bullseye-style target shooting more than tactical stuff, so it suits her fine.

I fully stripped down the little Ruger before the range session as well, and noted the new finish they're using seems a bit thick on the inside of the receiver, and was actually chipping off inside.  I think this may have been part of the reliability issues I've been having with this gun.  I scrapped off as much as I could inside, and am contemplating just polishing out as much as I can in the not so distant future.  Yesterday it only had two failure-to-eject type malfs, much better than past sessions.

Fern also caught her first piece of shrapnel when I had her shoot the SigPro at the steel target... tiny bit of bullet jacket came back and smacked her in the forehead.  Thankfully it only left the tiniest of cuts, and didn't even bleed.  She immediately took her finger off the trigger and kept it pointed in a safe direction, even though the slide was locked open (last round) but decided that was enough 9mm for the day.  Eye pro is important when shooting steel!

MHA Reminder

Monster Hunter Alpha (Earl's story) is up for preorder and will be shipping in a couple weeks.  Larry's pushing to try and boost sales as much as possible (seems there's some stiff competition in the "urban fiction" genre around the release time.)

Just a reminder, if you use one of the above Amazon links, I gets me a cut, which is cool and helps me get some cool gear to review for you guys (like a chronograph... I need one of those) but if you want the ultimate cool, autographed copies are available here.  If you're cool like me though, you get one from each and that way you have a "loaner copy" to get your friends hooked on the goodness without beating up your signed one.

Speaking of Quick-load Mag Options

Speed-loader to load AR mags straight from a 20 round box...

Cool concept.  Lately I've been using 100 round "value packs" of American Eagle... they're $30 at Fleet, but wouldn't work with that concept.