Saturday, April 7, 2012

Range Day and Magpod Goodness

Hit it up to introduce a couple new shooters and try out a some cool gear.

New shooter getting her cowgirl on.

Manda Rockin' the 10/22
For the antis and those insisting on mandatory training, the two women we had out today actively sought us out to get some trigger time and learn how to use a gun, primarily in regards to the new CCW and Castle Doctrine laws we have here in Wisconsin.  The young lady in the first photo is very excited to get out more and make range trips a regular occurrence.

As for the new gear, I'm lucky enough to have the v.1 Magpod for testing.


I'm very excited about this product, and getting my hands on one of the prototypes is simply awesome.  I'll definitely be putting it through its paces and seeing how it holds up.  In the meantime, they say first impressions are everything...

9 rounds, rapid fire prone at 25 yards
It may not be a long shot, but I can't complain about that group.