Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tiny Tanks!

Ok, not technically tanks.

Spent a good chunk of today test painting some Strykers for GHQ Micro Armor.

Here's the Mortar Carrier from the bunch I did up.  Really simple, sand for the base (a 1" square of plasticard) primed it grey, dark brown followed by a drybrush of a bone white for the base; hit the truck with an OD green, washed it with a brown wash, picked out some details with black and light brown, and then a light drybrush of the bone color again to weather it.

It didn't take too long, and I got six of them done in a couple hours.  I'm quite pleased with the detail they crammed into the little things too.  They're 1:285 scale pewter...

I ended up painting the Command truck, the Mortar, a line APC, and the three MGSs that come in the Stryker Infantry Task Force Combat Command box (which are pretty good deals if you're looking to get into it.)

I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but it's supposed to be pretty realistic.  I'm probably going to shell out and get some actual tanks for the "Beer and Pretzels" quickplay rules they've got posted on their site.  I think it'll be an interesting change from 40k.

Contest Time!

Aaron has updated his gun contest page for the month. Go forth, win cool stuff, make me jealous.