Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2011 Magpul Catalog

Is available for download here.

Twisted Industries .22lr Kel-Tec Conversion

I was contemplating keeping an eye out for a PF9, this may be the proverbial straw... Acquires TFB

Actually, Congratulations to Steve.  A good deal came at a perfect time to get him set up in a great way.  The Firearm Blog is one of the small handful of gun blogs that pushed me over the edge and into the abyss that is the gunblogospher, and it still remains one of my largest influences.

The "Guns, not Politics" policy is refreshing, and Steve promises that it will not change.  The sale only means he'll have more time to blog, and spend less time on the maintenance required to host your own site or however that works (there's a reason I use Blogger... I'm not too much of a computer person.)

Again, congrats to Steve, and best of luck in his future endeavors.

Knight's Armament

Angered the beast that is Gun Nuts Media.  I don't blame them though(GNM I should say.)

Who Can Carry

It looks like South Dakota is starting to revise things after the recent lawsuit. Between this and Wyoming's progress yesterday, it's good to see more of this going around.

Really, I find it difficult to really understand any viewpoint other than Constitutional Carry.  I mean if you can legally buy the thing, why do you need to jump through a bunch more hoops to carry it?  And why should it matter how you carry it?  But I'm preaching to the choir...

I'm not holding my breath either...

...but it sure would be neat for the CLEO Signature to disappear.

Hexolit 32

Funky looking super-expanding shotgun slugs.  The concept intrigues me, but I'll wait until there's more penetration studies done.