Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I blame Canada

Apparently karma didn't like me ragging on the Canadian chap who's M&P15-22 blew up on him, and decided that mine would try it's best to emulate his today.  Last round of my last mag, extra loud BANG! and a lot more smoke close to my face than normal.  I'm fine, but bummed that my favorite range toy is broked.

The bullet continued on it's merry way downrange, scored a decent enough hit, and the bolt locked back on the empty mag as designed, however the extractor went on it's own merry way to the FSM only knows where without so much as a "dear John" letter to the poor dejected bolt.

Yeah, it's gross.  That's 1,000+ rounds of .22lr worth of general crud, and to the benefit of the little Smith, it was still running great until the KB.

Ammo was Winchester Xpert22 bulk ammo.  I normally don't like un-washed .22lr, but it was free.  The round does have a firing pin mark.

I've sent an email to S&W, along with the pics, so we'll see what they've got to say.  All I really want is a new extractor so I can get it back out to the range.

I currently do not plan to sue.

For those of you just joining in (I still get visitors over from TFB at least every-other day): It's all been fixed, with a few updates stuck in.

Rubber Band Follow-up

Cro took it out to the range again on Sunday and put another 250 rounds through it.  I asked what happened, did it just loose it's bounciness? Melt into a puddle of goo?
nope, I ran out of ammo at the range.. didnt expect it to last that long, it was just way too dirty, when it got hot from rapid fire the polymer cases melted.. but its still going strong
(He was referring to the polymer coating on the Tula rounds he was firing.)

Really makes you wonder...


Got called in to work last night.  Probably will hit the range as soon as the rain lets up, then crash and burn sometime in the early afternoon.  Probably not a whole lot of blogging gonna happen between any of that, save for some world changing catastrophe.