Thursday, May 1, 2014

Big Hole

So the living is kind of turning into a "four-season porch."

Need... More... Coffee.......

Coming off two nights of 11pm-7am shifts, and (fingers crossed) the window guys get to the house around the same time I do.  Regardless of noise, I doubt I could sleep with a couple strange guys wandering around the house, so I'll just be powering through the day.  Awesome sauce.

Also of note, it's currently 37F outside... happy May!

In cool gun related news, there's a company making steel mag catches for M&P pistols.  The OEM part can be kind of slick and blends almost too well with the frame of the gun.  I stippled mine when I did the rest of the frame, but I am liking the idea of their offering the more I think about it. The serrations look nice and sharp, giving you a good grip in the right direction, while providing a good contrast to the rest of the frame texture.  Might be a worthwhile upgrade for $27.  Offered in both standard and extended versions.