Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oleg's got a new place

Away from the super-pop-up world of LJ.  Just thought I'd pass the word around.


From Stickman over at Gear Scout.  Looks like a nice setup if you're running scoped.

Lights and Guns

Uncle links to a SI article on white-light/handgun techniques and gets the ball rolling on some discussion.

I've touched on white-lights and their importance on guns before, and I still stand by it.  I like the idea of having a light on the gun and the bonus of being able to use my off hand to open doors or dial 911.  (Also the reason I have a handgun sitting on the nightstand. If I can't take care of it with 17 rounds of 124gr +P 9mm, it should be enough to get me back to the AR (with light attached as well.))