Friday, July 16, 2010

Phone wallpaper

The camera has a "whiteboard" effect that I think makes for cool gun pictures. That's my current wallpaper on it.


I'm fully intent on seeing this, preferably on the largest screen reasonably possible (hint Roger's Cinema,) but if for some reason you're still on the fence, Caleb posted a trailer that should solidly decide for you.

Sniper on the Eastern Front

I just finished reading Sniper on the Eastern Front, and I do have to say it's pretty good.  The book is a retelling of Sepp Allerberger's time on the Eastern Front, and his progression from a green machine gunner to one of the best snipers in the German Army, and the inevitable retreat and end of the war.

The author didn't like how the publisher translated it into first person for the English edition, but I feel it helped the reader connect more with Sepp, something that could be a bit challenging when reading about WWII Germans.  It's worth a read if you get the chance.