Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Possibly the coolest thing yet...

Who doesn't want an AK that breaks in half?

J-Frame & Apex

I just finished installing the Apex J-Frame spring kit in the 442, and for now let's just say, it's pretty sweet.  Where there once was stacking and a pretty heavy trigger, there's now a somewhat lighter one, that's smooth and consistent throughout.  (Need to find my trigger gauge to see how much lighter it is now though.)

I followed the two videos Apex has on YouTube, and they're pretty good for walking you through the install.  I will also second the advice that you invest in this tool if you plan on doing the install.  My thumb would have thanked me, rather than had a screwdriver blade jammed under the nail.  First time in a while I wanted to pass out while doing some gunsmithing.