Friday, June 1, 2012


Or "should my boss keep his job?"

I've kept very quiet about the whole recall situation here, mainly because the Governor is in my chain of command, and I've always felt it tacky to publicly ridicule your boss (same reason you don't see me ragging on the POTUS.)

Tuesday's the big day, but I'll be reporting to Ft. McCoy for close to two weeks of training that morning, so I went down to the courthouse and took care of it today.  Surprisingly I only had to wait for one other person to finish up before I had my turn.

I'm surprised because in Wisconsin, you don't really need any excuse to file an early absentee ballot.  All week there'd been reports of lines of people out the door waiting to "avoid the lines at the booth" or "political groups at the polling places."  I can't help but wonder how many people that have legitimate reasons for being unable to vote Tuesday simply didn't turn in an early ballot because of those reports.