Monday, February 7, 2011

Wait a minute... that really the best way to describe it?

Far from the first time I've seen the phrase in use for online bike parts (at Price Point this time if you're interested) but everytime it makes me laugh to myself.

Army Sending out New Flashhiders

From AAC (Blackout) and Surefire (for the M240, this one maybe? I'll have to hit up my contacts over in A-Stan and see if they know anything.)

H/T: Kit Up


Total of 12 hours of work today, after being a Soldier all weekend... still no internet at the new place, so trying to catch up with things.  Fun times.


Target giving you a reminder?
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Colorado Pushing for Constitutional Carry

It's good to see it picking up more steam in a variety of other states.  This gives us in Wisconsin more hope of reasonable CCW legislation in the coming year.

MOE Rifle-length Handguards

Are now shipping.

I like the looks of the MOE handguards personally.  It's a nice change up from the normal round or oval ribbed two piece guards.  This one rounds out the set of Carbine, Mid, and Rifle length handguards in the MOE line.  I'm probably going to use a Mid-length one on the next couple builds I'm contemplating.