Saturday, May 15, 2010

GSG 1911

Maddened Fowl has a good pic up of a production one from the NRA gathering.  Looks great. (Tons better than the Colt/Umarex... could just be the grips though... still want some wood for my 1911.)  I know what my next .22 is.

$700 belt...

Via Soldier Systems... No, it's not some super rare machine gun belt, or even something made out of platinum.  Simply a leather and metal belt.  But, it folds up!

Yup, 580€, or about $736 at the moment.  Sometimes I wonder what l'm doing making maps. I could knock out a belt like that in like five minutes... well, if I had leather working tools...

Lonnnnnnng day.

For you 40k fans that occasionally swing by (I'm sure there's a couple of you...)you'll probably know that today was the first round of the 'Ard Boyz tournament. Well, despite my burning hatred of tournaments, the fact that 'Ard Boyz is free, and that the weird missions and massive point limit tend to knock down the competitive lists in favor of "because I can" lists. In theory it's a more "fun" tournament. (Of course there's almost always somebody who just macks out their army list instead of building one that's "fun" and fluffy(fitting in the fiction.) Of course I fought him first game...)

So the Angels of Vengeance made an appearance.

(There's 2500 points of the Emperor's finest to fall from the heavens)

So waking up way too early for a Saturday (reason #1 I hate tournaments... they never start at reasonable hour...) and not expecting to really accomplish much (reason #2, I hate competitive lists and will make fluffy lists, quite often to a fault.  But damn it, it's a game. Fluffy lists are more fun.) and still swimming in glue fumes from slapping together stuff at the last minute (one good point of 'Ard Boyz, stuff doesn't have to be painted) I stumble into the store at 10am and start pulling out stuff.

3 games, do pretty mediocre the first round (remember the uber competitive expletive?) flat out draw the second, and somehow manage to squeeze in a major victory in the third (just barely), pushing nearly 8pm. Long day.

Somehow, I came in 3rd.  Still not sure how.

Hopefully the weather sticks and I can get the boat out tomorrow.