Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Range Shots

Judge Testing

Not the Supreme Court type, but of the "how the hell do these things sell?" Taurus type.

Old_Painless, of The Box O' Truth fame, did a revisit of his first Taurus Judge test to see if the "magnum" version loaded with "handgun" specific .410 rounds would work any better.

The biggest thing?-
Even at 7 yards, the pattern of the Judge is too wide, and will cause some of the load to miss a bad guy. Not only are you responsible for every pellet you send down range, but if they miss him, they do not Stop him.

Not that surprised; rifled barrels, let alone super-stubby ones, never work well for shotguns.

I'll stick with the 17 rounds of 124gr JHP in the ol' M&P for now.  At least I know where they're going when I squeeze the trigger.

Oh Yeah, Prosser Won...

In case you've been stuck under a rock or just not up to speed on Wisconsin Politics, Justice David Prosser won by a bit after some misplaced ballots were found durring canvassing.

This is rather important to the impending CCW battle, as I have a feeling the minority will be challenging anything the majority passes for a while, and Justice Prosser has a 2A friendly track record.