Saturday, April 16, 2011

B.A.G. Day and Whatnot...

My purchase is being slowed a bit by waiting for funds to come in, and me to make a final decision and tell my dealer to order it (it's a current production piece that's not on backorder anywhere, just need to give him the green light.)

I do see that Jay G ordered himself up one of the runners-up in my mental race for his buy.  I'll be looking forward to hearing what he has to say about it, as I may still get one down the road if we ever get CCW for those days when I'm doing something where I can't carry a gun.  I've fondled them a bit over the counter at some shops and do like how they feel.  He's also got a nice round-up of some other's purchases.

I did pick up a cheapo crap coffee cup after waiting 5 hours for my coffee to cool down from magma to a mear scalding last night (when I seriously needed it...) So if you're in the market, the Nissan Thermos Backpacker is capable of keeping coffee drinkably warm for nearly 8 hours.  The new one was on sale at the local big box for under $4 and isn't worth mentioning.  It's getting its field test tonight.

Double Yuck.

It's snowing.