Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Charlie Wilson's AK for sale

A fully documented AK Charlie Wilson brought back from one of his trips to Afghanistan is up for auction.

I has a sad.

Bit of a downer post, but the dog went back to the Humane Society last night.  He wouldn't be submissive to Manda, and last night he managed to jump over one of the pet gates and threw Lila cat across the room right in front of her. Lila might be part ragdoll, or just played dead out of fear, but Manda thought he killed her.

Tough cat is tough cat though, and she came bounding out of the room when Manda was throwing the dog in the crate.  Dog was taken back to the Humane Society, and my dad drove Manda and Lila up to the Emergency Vet.  Lila was just shaken up and bruised, so they gave her some pain meds for the night (on a side note, stoned kitty is hilarious.  The floor mat in the half bath feels aaammaazzzinngg!)

My 1st Sergeant and Commander were very understanding, and got me home for a 24 hour pass just to make sure things are ok here (which it seems they are) and I'll be heading back out for the rest of AT tonight.  I'm a bit broken up about the dog, because he is a great puppy when he's good, but he is never going to not chase cats it seems, and needs a good loving home without cats.

We might give it a shot again in a couple years, but for now we're going back to being a cat family.