Thursday, February 4, 2016


It's been a while, so if anybody is wondering about the beast we adopted a little over a year ago, she's now huge.  To the point that she knows she can beat up on Simon with ease (or pin him down for forced grooming.)

She weighs as much as he does, but it's in a solid compact chunk of cat (mostly because of short himmy legs.)  There's really no fat under the fuzz either, despite sleeping about 20 hours a day it seems.  Lila tolerates her, and Sadie reciprocates, although we do occasionally catch them playing. Girls will be girls.

Or grudgingly eating next to each other.
Overall, Sadie is definitely an "on my terms only" cat.  When she wants a lap, she's there, regardless of what you're doing, and when she's done, she's gone without warning.  I guess she's just living up to her title of "Duchess."