Sunday, March 22, 2009

GSG-5: The continuing saga.

Well, after a few range sessions, turns out the cute little Eotech knock-off (as seen here) has issues with the recoil of the GSG. Mainly in the way the battery terminals are arranged. The recoil actually pushed the batteries back on the springs and breaks contact, causing the sight to turn off. Makes for difficult double taps. Oh well. NStar fake-point inbound.


So way back when I started this thing, I kinda mentioned I wanted to shy away from politics. Well, upon further reflection, it seems that that's what's going through my mind a lot lately. So if that's what's gonna get me to write more on here, that's what I'ma do.

Unless you've been living in a dark cave in the middle of Afghanistan, you know that the economy is messed up, but gun and ammunition sales are still at all time highs (and I'm a little jealous of the view from said cave's mouth). Yesterday I had to make the trek to Green Bay for scout related things, and figured I'd swing by Sportsman's Warehouse in De Peire and see what there is to see. Turns out they're closing that particular location, so up to 30% off on everything!!! (Excluding firearms and ammunition.) Jerks. Well I head in anyway, I need some 9x18 Mak.

I end up leaving with a new messenger bag and a sip guard for my Nalgene bottles. No ammo. No guns. No gun related stuff. There simply weren't any long guns I had any interest in and what little ammo remained on the shelf was for weird calibers I had no need of. Wait, 9x18mak is borderline weird... maybe.... $24.99 a box. No thanks. I'll go home and order some from AIM for $10. Other than that, the shelves were pretty bare in the gun department.

So where does this tie in with politics in my weird little head? Could it be that all the current outcry by numerous Dems against new gun legislation is largely due to that being one of the few industries that are doing well? I'm sure a lot of it is still memories of what went down during the mid-term elections in '94, and that there's a strong chance of it becoming more of an issue after the next mid-term election, but I like to hope. Besides, it's either that or Diane Feinsein has been replaced by a pod person from the mirror universe...