Monday, August 5, 2013

Gun Food...

Noticed while at Fleet today, a distinct lack of 5.56/.223 'cheap' ammo (lots of soft-tip Hornady, etc) but a decent amount of 7.62x39 Wolf, etc cheap Comm-block ammos.  I've also got a bit of a surplus of it around here, not so much in regards to AR food (a good amount of loaded mags, but not a comfortable amount for plinking, etc.)

Looks like I'll be busting out the AKs for anything in the near future.  Unfortunately I'm not sure where my AK gear has ended up.  Have a half-dozen steel mags, but not sure where my chest rig ended up.  Time to start poking around and see what I can find/scrounge up.  As an aside, if any vendors of quality AK gear (hard or soft) want to kick-start some blogging efforts, let me know!(Could really go for some open topped MOLLE single mag pouches, especially in tan (have a cheap plate carrier currently serving no purpose.))