Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sad Really...

I tend to avoid talking much politics outside of 2A on here.  Partly because it doesn't really fit here, but primarily because I really just don't care.  However the current goings on in Madison are getting to be pretty big news, and being a Wisconsinite, I thought I'd at least mention it (plus I'm a whore and I know it'll get the hits up.)

The problem, in my mind, is that a ton of schools were forced to close for multiple days this week due to teachers feeling it necessary to go down to Mad Town and whine about what the Governor is proposing, and then a bunch of Dem. State Senators have decided to hide out in Illinois to postpone voting on the proposal (that's the part that really pisses me off.)
Really? A bunch of tax-paid people walk off their tax-paid jobs to demand more money from taxpayers, and that might play badly with . . . taxpayers?
Personally, I'm not a fan of unions.  I've found them to be a pain in the ass in the past (my Explorer Post pretty much died off because of the Firefighter's Union not allowing us to do ride-alongs because they thought it would be "unprofessional" to have minors on the rig.  That was the start of a steep downhill slide.)

More importantly, some of us state payed employees realize that our jobs are, well, our jobs.  There's a reason I'm awake at four in the morning to be typing this, and that's because there's a lull in activity around here so I'm taking a break and refuelling my caffeine reserves.  To you senators hiding out of state, I hope your constituents wake the hell up and vote you out for running away when it's time to work hard.  To all you teachers playing hooky, I'm glad I don't have children yet. As it is, I do pay taxes, and a large chunk of that goes towards public education, and you're kind of messing that up pretty hard core.

It's a shame I'm working nights all weekend, the Tea Party is supposed to show up to join the fray tomorrow, and I'd be pretty tempted to head down and watch the fun and take some pictures; but, like I said, I've got to work (and I like getting paychecks more than spending any amount of time in Madison anyway.)

Of course the main problem is that it's all slowing down the CCW legislation.  That was supposed to come after the budget was hashed out.  Jerks.