Friday, September 24, 2010


Lots of rain the last couple days.  Roads closed, chunks of roads missing the next county over.

Took some pictures, these came out well, so I'll toss them up.  There's a few more I need to process, so maybe by the end of the weekend.

The levee on the north end of town-

Yeah, that's not a spillway, that's usually the shoreline...

One of the houses down the road a ways is pretty far back in the woods, and their driveway kind of dips down pretty low.  Thankfully they have a boat, and a friend with a boat, so they're not stuck.  Hopefully you know how to row if you want to visit though.

More pictures later.


Went for a walk to take pictures of the flooding, and apparently my spare battery was not charged.  Hopefully it won't get too dark and rainy again by the time it's finished.

Madison 5 911 call

WCI has gotten the audio from the 911 call in regards to the event through a Freedom of Information request.

Click Here For Audio

So really it doesn't seem like the dispatcher is at too much fault. (The AG didn't pass anything, he just expressed his opinion on the meaning of the state's constitution.)

The responding officers on the other hand...