Monday, March 7, 2011

PSA from Shelley Rae

Check your grip.

This is easily the single most important thing for effective pistol shooting.

"Happy Monday!"

Says MagpulGen 2 MBUS sets now shipping.

Design features include a lower folded profile for better optics compatability, spring detent for consistant front sight height, and a N.A.W.S. (No Aperature Window Sight) option by folding both rear aperatures down (for close quarters "framing" sight picture.)

Price remains comparable to Gen 1 MBUS, and comes in the standard Magpul colors.


Ok, just one.  Six over at The Warrior Class has bestowed the honor of the "Stylish Blogger Award" onto me.

I have no clue as to the origins of the award, only that I noticed it popping up at random places around the interwebs in the last couple weeks, and had a sinking suspicion it was simply a matter of time.

I guess part of the award is to go on to tell all of you seven random facts you may not know about me, and then pass it along to 10 other bloggers.  I may take a page from Breda though, as I don't know if I can even think of 10 other bloggers that I think are worthy and haven't already gotten it.  Well see how it goes after hashing out a handful plus two worth of randomness.

1. I didn't have a driver's license until I was 19.  All through high school I biked everywhere, and simply didn't have a need for it.

2. I worked in a bakery making donuts at one point.  I was a freshly minted "combat veteran," and felt like breaking stereotypes and got a job.  I was hired on the spot because two employees walked out that night and my friend who worked there said I was looking for work.  I ended up putting in my two week notice one week after starting.  Not because the job sucked (not that it didn't...) but because I landed a job doing DOT contract surveying work for exactly twice the pay, and with daylight hours.  I still didn't eat donuts for over a  year after that though.

3. I lettered in Theater in high school.

4. I was a certified EMT-B at one point in time.  I never actually did it as a job though, apparently doing your clinical hours in a combat hospital makes you over-qualified when the local ER is looking for a glorified CNA.

5. I'm mildly dyslexic, especially with lists of numbers.  So of course my first job in the Army was as a Surveyor.  Extra point of hilarity, 7 of the 10 Army soldiers in my AIT class were dyslexic.  You'd think they'd check for that for surveyors...

6. I can't swim.  I never learned how, and I float about as well as a submarine with a leaky screen door (I used to say "about as well as a rock," but then I took a Geology class and learned some volcanic rocks actually do float, so a random rock has a better statistical chance than I do.)  Yes, I own a kayak, but I always wear a PFD when I'm in it.

7. I'm lactose intolerant, which really sucks living in Wisconsin.

As to passing it along... meh, too chain letter-ish for me.

.22lr For Self Defense?

Every now and then (less often lately, thankfully...) I notice the search term "M&P15-22 for home/self defense" (or something much like that) pop up on the site tracker.  Every time I kind of cringe a little at the thought that someone is seriously thinking along those lines.  Then I see stories with lines like this-
Police say the men did not know they had been hit and began chasing Garcia down Mussey on foot.
A guy pulls a .22lr handgun of some flavor and starts shooting at a couple other guys on the street, and hits the two a combined 5 times.  They didn't even realize they'd been shot until they had been hit until well after the adrenaline wore off.  They were still able to chase the guy down and detain him until the police showed up.

Granted, one of them is still listed as being in critical condition due to chest and abdominal hits, but they were still able to effectively function after being hit, and those hits were so insubstantial that they were not immediately noticed.  Combine that with the flaky reliability inherent to trying to cycle dirty, rimmed ammunition with mediocre QC (necessary to the amount pumped out) and you're only setting your self up for failure.

I know for over 90% of you guys this is like preaching to the choir, but it still seems like it needs to be addressed every couple months or so.

I tend to agree.

SayUncle in regards to Project Gunrunner-
"I tend to think it’s the empire building. Create a problem, be the solution, and get funding."
 Sounds about right.  The ATF has seemed to have lost a bit of power and sway in DC as of late, and I can see the higher-ups pushing for something to maintain their relevance.