Friday, January 7, 2011

New Pistol

Unfortunately I'm in the Army this weekend, so I'll just leave this here as a teaser.

Hopefully I'll have more up middle of next week on it.

The Judge...

Just won't go away.  Although Uncle wins with his comment today.
The big news here is not that someone used a gun to save their life, that happens all the time. The big news is that a Taurus Judge actually stopped someone.
Unfortunately the bad guy was only mildly inconvenienced and was able to run out of there.
 She fired back a shotgun blast at point blank range.
Are you sure you hit him? "Yes, I'm positive. I'm positive. I'm a good shooter. Definitely a good shooter. My husband taught me well."
The two robbers took off running, dropping her wallet and the knife.
Not quite the effect I'm looking for in a defensive gun.