Monday, February 14, 2011


There's a new graphic over on the left, this one's for GunUp Blogger Network, a relatively new resource for the always expanding gunblogosphere.  Part collective blog, part forum, with a wealth of knowledge and some pretty great features (Gun Finder is pretty cool.)  It's worth checking out if you haven't already.

A gift...

...for me.  I ordered a tomahawk.  I've wanted one for a while, and this particular one goes out of stock before you can sneeze whenever they have them, so I jumped on it.  Hopefully it doesn't lead to another collection that sucks up all my gun funds...

Warm Thoughts

Although it is an unseasonably warm 36 degrees here at the moment, here's a photo from a couple summers ago.  I need to stop slacking and get back to more regular gun pictures on the ol' blog.

But Without the Butt

Robb Allen has acquired some Magic Cat coffee beans, which apparently mimic the infamous civet coffee, albeit without the absurd price and less than appetizing production process.  I may have to order some and see what I think.

West Virginia...

...looks to be following Colorado and a couple others with the push for Constitutional Carry.  Always good to see this picking up more steam.

Milwaukee Judge knocks down bad CCW charge

“Requiring Pinnow to put the encased unloaded firearm out of reach would effectively deny him his right to bear arms guaranteed,” by Wisconsin’s Constitution, according to the decision.
 The man in question had an unloaded and encased .380 under his passenger seat while searching for his stolen car in a "bad neighborhood."  There's a bit of a debate surrounding the "within reach" concept in regards to Wisconsin's CCW restrictions and vehicle transport, and in this case, the Judge has decided the defendant was well within his self defense rights as stated by the State and Federal Constitutions.

Watts found that Pinnow... ...had just been robbed, was searching for his stolen car in a high-crime area, and had tried to comply with another state law about the transportation of firearms by keeping his gun unloaded, and in a case.
 “He was exercising his right to bear arms in a reasonable and prudent manner,” Watts wrote.
 Just another story of why the current restrictions on vehicle carry (mainly backed on the DNR to combat poaching) need to be readdressed if we do get concealed carry of any sort here. I'm sure if they really pushed they could have tried to hit him with a charge for having a gun within 1000 feet of a school zone as well.

Glad to see a reasonable ruling has been found in this particular case though.