Friday, May 14, 2010

Things to do with sheep...

...that probably won't get you arrested.


But dang does it look cool.

Why Military Firearm rocks.

Military Firearm's predecessor forum, CETME Rifles, was the forum that really sucked me into the internet/gun world.  Even it's newest form it is possibly the best source of information regarding the CETME and G3 type rifle.  It's populated by quite a few outstanding and knowledgeable members, and trolls never last long.  It's easily the friendliest forum I have ever been a member of, and I'm pretty proud to have been a member of MF from the start all those years ago after the fatal hacking of CETME Rifles.

It's a free forum, anybody can sign up to access the full content, which there's an awesome wealth of regarding tons of modern military guns.  So to help pay for things and keep it running, there's occasional group buys.  We've done t-shirts and the like in the past, but this time around, custom engraved AR15 dustcovers.  And boy are they sweet.

The front has "MILITARY FIREARM.COM" engraved in nice military stencil typeface-

Once it flips open you get the site's logo and an American flag-

And overall it makes for a pretty sweet custom-cool look-

All that plus the fact that they were engraved by forum member bladeworks123, who graciously donated his own time to play with his new toy (a fancy laser engraving machine) they're just all sorts of cool.

(and before the safety Nazis, it's hammer down on an empty chamber)

Nice Rack!

Finally got all the parts and set it all up.  No guns with the tax refund this year, just an easier time playing outside.
Got a good deal on the Thule setup, and I'm pretty impressed.  The hardware that came with the J-tubes for the boat are pretty cool/innovative, the bow and stern tie-downs have little ratcheting pullies, and the straps in the middle have rubber covers over the metal parts to keep from scratching up the kayak.  The bike tray also beats the living crap out of the old trunk rack setup, I got my XC rig up and locked down in a matter of seconds.  Hopefully this is just more motivation to go out and do more stuff.

NRA Annual Convention

Is going on right now, and I know a few bloggers are there.  Anybody know if anybody's covering the new shiny (and I guess matte) offerings being shown?  I know it's not quite as insane as SHOT, but there usually is a good amount of new coolness revealed at this one too.

Ruger LCR .357mag

The Firearm Blog reports that the highly anticipated Ruger LCR 357 will be available in June with an MSRP of $575.

Weighing in at a 17.1 oz, I'd guess it'll have a pretty snappy recoil.