Monday, February 25, 2013

Photo of the... month?

All the talk about issue weapons below made me remember I got a decent photo of my current issue zapper.  M4 Carbine, 1 ea.  Manufactured by Colt, Aimpoint Comp M4, and I haven't done much else other than better sling points and the new Magpul hand-stop kit.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

FN Wins M4/M4A1 Contract

Gear Scout reports.  I'm sure Colt will continue to cry about it.

Seems kind of funny though, last I heard Colt still had the contract for the M240 family of weapons, which is an FN design; and now FN will make the M4, along with continuing to produce the M16 series, a weapon system Colt had a huge part in.

On a side note, the best rifle (in my mind) that I was ever issued had an FN built A2 upper and barrel on a rebuilt Colt A1A2 lower.  Cloverleafed zero targets every time... Never felt undergunned my first tour with that old girl.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

State (Milwaukee...) Legislators Herped all over their Derp...

A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.
Their reasoning, in their oh so enlightened minds, is that hollow point and soft tipped "serve no purpose in self-defense or hunting use."  Nevermind that anyone that knows anything about the use of firearms will tell you that those are exactly the best rounds to use for both purposes.

To further the proof of their mental deficiency, there's this little tidbit:
 “While used by the military for decades – in part because they inflict massive wounds – hollowpoint bullets have little, if any, practical use for self-defense or hunting in everyday society. Tragically, they are essentially human-killing bullets.”
That right there is solid proof that they did ZERO research, and are talking straight out of their asses.  I can only hope that somebody sends them a copy of the Hague Declaration and they hire another intern to slap them on the hand and say "NO!" when they try to introduce anything else.

I think I may have to send them some photos of all these solid, lead-free bullets I got issued... not a single hollowpoint among them!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gotta love the MSM...

In regards to the mess in California...
The man at the center of a massive manhunt in California is potentially armed with armor-piercing ammunition and semi-automatic rifles, could likely hit a target more than 50 yards away, thinks like a police officer and, perhaps most troublesome, is not abiding by any rules.
(Emphasis mine...)
I guess that is quite the accomplishment for most Navy guys (no offense, but unless you're on a SEAL Team, they just don't do much small arms training.)

Sensationalizm for the sake of selling paper