Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Do Work.

With the weather flip-flopping in a distinctly Wisconsin way (frost warnings tonight, supposed to be in the 80s Friday...) the mice keep making their way in.  Going of the cats' behavior today, they're obviously getting up through the kitchen by the dishwasher.

Sitting here watching Brewers' Post-game (9-3 over the Pirates! A rare win for the year...) I heard somebody bounce off the dishwasher, and 5 seconds later, Lila prances into the living room to show off.

She says Simon is slacking.  That's the 3rd confirmed kill in the last week for her, a long way from the girl that got one two years ago and freaked out when it squeaked.  I guess she's got her killing blow down now.

I'm just glad one of them finally started paying their share of the rent.

KtKC Day 4

Snooty whiskey drinking!  Neglected to get a picture while i was doing miniature gaming, oops.

Hamilton Grey and bourbon.
Although some mead would have matched the shirt better, oops.

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