Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inception guns

Kit-up has a screen capture showing that the gun in question is in fact a SCAR-L.  I could have sworn it was a black one though.

Quick Range Trip

So how do I relax after a weekend of weapons qualification for the Army?  Go to the range of course!

Pics were taken with the new camera, it's not too bad, nowhere near the quality of a good SLR, but hey, for a little tough as nails point-and-shoot, not too bad.

I may or may not have had to remove some of the envy-green from my face in that pic.  First time shooting with an ACOG, and I have to say, I want one. Bad.

What you can't see in the pictures is the fact that Cro busted his extractor spring a couple hours earlier and came up with an ingenious field repair.  Let's just say it involves a rubber band and the mind of an Army Engineer.  More on it tomorrow.

Also, got a Wilson Combat ETM, ran it through the gun a couple times, seems to have cleared things up.  Looks like I'll be ordering a couple more.